• Providing all materials, labor, equipment and services.
  • Maintaining accurate records.
  • Subcontracting with various trade and specialty contractors.
  • Monitoring schedule.
  • Ensuring a safe and secure project till completion.
  • Maintaining an open communication with our clients.

Air Duct System Cleaning

We are often asked by our potential clients on why should they clean their air school, hospital or workplace. The simplest answer that we provide is: because air duct system gets dirty over time and they have high potential to contain large amounts of contaminants and air pollutions such as dust, debris, chemicals, dander and other harmful allergens.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is the major concern that our clients decide to examine their air duct system. The Air Handling Unit (AHU) also known as the cooling system in your school, hospital or workplace works as the lungs of the building. The system takes air in and breathes air out. Given enough time, this re-circulation causes a build-up of contaminants.

Solutions offered by IAQ Diagnostics (IAQDS)

  • Air Duct System Cleaning.
  • Exhaust Duct System Cleaning.
  • Laundry Duct System Cleaning.
  • Sanitization of Duct Systems.
  • Antimicrobial Treatment of Duct Systems.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)