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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

A kitchen exhaust system has an intricate job which is to absorb extra oil, water and fat that comes from the food the chef cooks. However, in time, all that has been absorbed, gets stuck on the hood, which then causes the buildup of grim, oil and flammable grease.

When a kitchen exhaust system isn’t maintained properly, it directly influences the safety of the employees and customers and turns the workplace into a fire hazard. A well-maintained kitchen exhaust system is a safe and healthy one, which reduces the risk of fire and damage to your kitchen equipment and property.

Solutions offered by IAQ Diagnostics (IAQDS)

  • Total Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning (Filter, Hood, Duct, Exhaust Fan & Fire Dampers ) .
  • Fabrication and Supply of Kitchen Hood Filters .
  • Fabrication and Installation of Kitchen Exhaust System .
  • Preventive Maintenance Program (PPM).